Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Little About Me

I have reached out to many different blogs over the weekend that have their own stories to tell about infertility and adoption. I posted comments on many of these blogs that will hopefully allow new people from all over the country to find my blog about starting this non-profit organization.
Welcome, if you are someone who has reached this blog through my attempt at networking.
It is hard to sum up any experience with infertility, but my story is like many others you may know.
We have male and female factor infertility. I have many medical conditions that make conceiving a child naturally nearly impossible and then keeping a pregnancy to full term all the more difficult. We underwent many different kinds of procedures over a three and a half year stint. There are no positive experiences to speak of while undergoing medical intervention.
We finally decided to adopt in March of 2007. Our son just came home in June of this year.
We are parents at last and loving every minute of it.
Infertility can make one seem like they are all alone in their grief. I hope you find solace in reading some of my entries.

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