Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Plan

How will this non-profit succeed?
A charitable non-profit's business plan involves many of the same steps as profit based businesses.

Here are some of my first steps to accomplish:
1. Research, research, research.
  • I need to become knowledgeable of other organizations that may offer the same services. Can I be successful if there are several other non-profits seeking donations for the same causes?
2. Finish my survey.
  • I need to get feedback from the public as to the necessity of this non-profit and it's chance for success.

3. Get incorporated and file for tax-exempt status

  • All donations will be charitable write-offs on donor's tax return

4. Establish a website

5. After finishing business plan, begin soliciting donations and sponsors.

6. Organize fundraising events

7. Marketing and publicity

8. Start accepting applications for grants and...

9. Begin to choose applicants who will be eligible to receive grant money toward their own personal cause. (This may be months away, but it is the ultimate goal to keep me focused.)

The ability for this non-profit to flourish comes from readers like you. Help to spread the word and at some point, maybe you will be able to make a contribution that allows someone to become a parent.

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