Thursday, November 13, 2008

Survey Results

Thank you to all who participated in our first survey. The were approximately 100 participants.
Here are the results of the survey.

Q: Do you know of someone who needs financial assistance for adoption or infertility

Votes- 102 YES- 82% NO- 17%

Q: Do you have experience with infertility and assisted reproductive technology?

Votes- 103 YES- 77% NO- 23%

Q: Are you experiencing infertility right now?

Votes- 105 YES, for a year - 18% YES, for more than 2 yrs- 56% NO- 28%

Q:Are you undergoing infertility treatments right now?
Votes-104 YES- 27% NO- 77%

Q: Does your insurance cover infertility treatments?
Votes- 97 YES, but there are limitations- 31% YES, but only certain treatments- 17%
NO- 55%

Q: Have you paid out of pocket for infertility treatments?
Votes- 97 YES- 68% NO- 31%

Q: Do you think there is a need for financial support to help with the cost of infertility treatments and adoption?
Votes- 101 YES-83% NO- 5% UNSURE- 11%

Q: Are you thinking of adopting or going through adoption right now?
Votes- 95 YES, thinking about it- 31% YES, going through it right now-25% UNSURE- 13% NO- 29%

Q: If yes, do you have plans to pay for your adoption?
Votes-65 YES- 40% PARTIALLY-24% NOT YET- 35%

Q: Do you know of other organizations that offers financial assistance for adoption and/or infertility treatments?
Votes- 92 YES, one- 19% YES, more than one- 18% NO-60%

Q: Do you think this is a worthy cause for donation?
Votes- 39 YES, very- 58% YES, moderately- 10% UNSURE- 25% NO- 5%

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