Monday, December 15, 2008

Fellow Bloggers

Part of my research and marketing has been to read blogs written by individuals that have experience with infertility and/or adoption. I am astounded at the amount of blogs and websites out there covering this topic. There are so many families and couples who have been touched by the disheartening and inconsolable experience of infertility. When I peruse blogs, I read profiles of the blogger, and I read a few of the entries. I wish I had the time to read them all. I often email or comment on these blogs, reaching out to inform others of my not for profit.

It is amazing that so many different people are brought together by the same emotions and reactions to the crisis of infertility.
When I first began my infertility journey, I was too young and naive to know that it was happening to me. We're going back nearly five years. I didn't have a computer at home and wasn't Internet savvy, nor were blogs popular (if they even existed in the format we have now). It would have been great for me to have these blogs to refer to and learn information about infertility. I was all alone in my suffering (along with my loving husband). We were the first to get married in our circle- no one was even thinking of having kids at the time we were struggling to get pregnant. I couldn't even find any books telling a similar story to mine. What I found were books by women who were much older than me trying to fight their biological clocks. As far as I knew my clock hadn't even begun ticking yet- I was barely 26 years old.
My husband and I went through most of our infertility experience with little guidance. The doctors we were referred to did not offer support or great advice; we were just another couple trying to get pregnant, and dammit, they were going to make it happen. I would often hear, you're so young; you will get pregnant, just give it time.

I decided that I need to tell my infertility woes and experiences from the beginning. It will help readers to understand my journey and why I am so passionate about trying to help others. I vowed to make a difference in other people's lives when I found out how poorly I was treated by my medical care professionals. I vowed to try and help people avoid some of the heartache we went through by educating others.

I will try not to drag out my story but tell it in sections from the beginning.
Please look for these entries through out the next couple of weeks.
(the holidays will take up much of my free time)

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