Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Recession Confession

The state of the economy is going to make a challenging path of fundraising all the more cumbersome. It's amazing how much can change in a couple of months. I started moving forward with the idea of Parenthood for Me in the summer. I had many lofty ideas for fundraising and getting companies to donate goods and services. I did find several generous people who have helped get the nonprofit up and running and I am very grateful to them- they include, John D'Aurizio, Esquire, Dave Manioci, CPA, and Grindcolor Web Design. They have allowed me to get to this point.
I am reaching out to companies and individuals to donate time and money. I have plans for our first major fundraiser to be in the Spring of 2009. Even though the economy is in recession, people are still suffering through infertility and trying to cope with the immense emotional and financial challenge of having a family. People still want to adopt and are struggling to come up with the funds to do so. Therefore, I will do my best to fulfill the goals I have laid out as President of this not for profit. If the timeline must get stretched out due to the difficulty in raising funds during a recession, I will persevere with the same goal in mind- to provide grant money and emotional support.

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Ashley Jene said...

What a wonderful thing you are doing, it will be a blessing to all you help. As a couple that would love to have another child but the money is holding us back as we still sit on the loan from our first adoption, it is encouraging to see people like you that are stepping out to help!


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