Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Thumbs Up

Ever since Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes got pregnant, we never heard about Tom's two older children from his marriage to Nicole Kidman. All the hoopla was about Tom Cruise having a baby with Katie Holmes. No one seemed to care about his two children (who happen to be adopted). I didn't even know their names until recently.
Then, Nicole Kidman married Keith Urban and gets pregnant. I thought she couldn't get pregnant. Nicole went on Oprah a couple of weeks ago to talk about her new movie Australia. She did open up a little bit about her experience with infertility. She had an ectopic pregnancy and a miscarriage,and then they adopted Bella and Connor.
Thank you. I had never heard their names spoken out loud before.
Nicole did not go into much detail about her experiences with infertility but she did call her baby "a miracle." She obviously did not expect to ever get pregnant.
It was nice to see a celebrity, someone who has the ability to reach so many people, be honest about her infertility experiences. J-Lo has not admitted to doing IVF to have her twins. In fact, she made it seem like there is something wrong with people who do ART to have children.
I wish more public figures would talk about their stories of infertility and adoption because it really does help to hear other people's stories- how they coped and how they got through it.

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