Friday, January 30, 2009

Good Deed for Today

We saved someones dog today. Well, AJ did. There was a dog bedded down in our yard this morning with a collar. AJ tried to coax her over with food, but she wouldn't come. It took him awhile but he finally got her to come over to him so he could put her on a leash and look at her collar. When he called her parents, the guy said she had been missing since Tuesday. In these frigid temperatures that is scary. He said he would call his wife and she would come and get her. Maggie is her name. They only lived about a mile away and had been looking for her for two days. Maggie was a nice dog. I put Fyn in his high chair to eat breakfast just in case, but she came inside (Lucy was in the basement and not too happy). Maggie mosied around and she finally took some food and water. Her mom showed up obviously relieved to see her baby safe.
If you are a dog owner or just a dog lover, you would understand how emotional this must have been for this woman. I teared up. She hugged Maggie and hugged me and they went home together safe and sound.
When Lucy was a puppy, she got away several times. Even with the "invisible fence" she ended up outside of the boundaries. The second time it happened a young woman called me and said that she had gotten Lucy into her car but as soon as she was in, she jumped back out! That's Lucy, always looking for an escape route. She just couldn't wait to be free so she could explore and run. I was so close to getting her back, but then I had to continue to drive around to find her. I drove all through the neighborhood frantically looking for her squeaking her favorite toy. I turned onto St. Paul Boulevard and there she was, all traffic stopped. Someone who had pulled over was trying to coax her to the side of the road. I then pulled my car to the opposite side and she saw me and came running for the car. Thank goodness she was okay.
Lucy did manage to escape a couple of more times- I was crazed because she runs so damn fast and doesn't look back. Luckily she hasn't gotten away in almost four years. She has matured somewhat and training has helped, but it is a constant battle to make sure she doesn't get away. It's the breed, she is a hunting dog. Running is what makes her happy.
It felt good to help this family out because if Lucy did get away again, I would hope that someone would help to get her home.
Lucy has been such a undying companion to us since we brought her home six years ago. Lucy was our only baby for so long. She brought AJ and I much needed comfort when we were down and out. She is a wonderful dog with a phenomenal personality. She was meant to be ours. The story of how we got Lucy is a testament to fate as well as how Finn came into our lives.
People told us that when Fyn came home, "the dog" would go way down in the rank of the family. She doesn't get as much attention as she used to for obvious reasons (and she lets us know that she is jealous), but Lucy is just as important to us as she always was.
I will never forget the comfort she gave me when we were trying to conceive. She doesn't know it, but she was a good crying partner many a time. Luckily she loves to cuddle. She doesn't judge and all she wants is to be loved.

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Lisa DG said...

A dog is the next best thing to babies. My baby, Lola, is practically my baby. I can't wait to see how she is with my real baby when the time comes.


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