Sunday, January 11, 2009

My IF Shoes II

Walking in my shoes today probably isn't so bad. I am a woman with many things going on in my life and the only defining role that is worth a label is motherhood.

In anticipation of the arrival of our son, we had a party. No baby shower for me. I wanted a celebration of the life of our child and what it meant to have him become a part of our family. We had a black and white cocktail party with pictures of Min Man all over the house.

Alot of thought went into this party because it was the first time we had something to celebrate in many years. After all the heartache this was our time to be happy and share our joy with all our friends and family.

I found my dress right away and next came the shoes. I wanted patent leather. I tried on several pairs until I found a pretty pair of Mary Jane black patent leather shoes. They fit perfectly and made the outfit.

I went to get my hair done for the night. I ended up chopping off my very long hair into a bob. I felt great, and when everyone saw my new do that night they said, you look like a mommy. I got a manicure. I was ready to celebrate. New life, new me.

It was a magical night and happiness illuminated the house. There were candles, wine, champagne, favors. Everyone was dressed up and put thought into their black and white outfits.

They were there to support us and excited to meet the new addition to our world.

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Kelly D said...

What a wonderful idea - a party instead of a baby shower. And everything seemed to fall together so nicely. Congratulations on your celebration and your baby.


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