Friday, February 20, 2009

The Adoption Day Milestone

I am happy to announce that my son's adoption day is scheduled! And, it is about six weeks earlier than anticipated. In a world where everything seems to take longer than anticipated, this was welcome news.
March 17 our son will become a U.S. citizen and ours (under the eyes of the law) forever.
We are very excited for this momentous event. It will be the official end of our adoption journey. It will be nice to have all the paperwork, filings and lawyers behind us so we can just be a family.
I am told that the adoption proceeding itself is very anti climatic, but I don't see how it could be. Even if a judge simply stamps a piece of paper and asks us to sign it, the meaning behind it is what matters.
I am very happy that his adoption day comes before his second birthday. It is an important day in his life and his family's life- the first birthday we get to celebrate together . It means something to me to have him officially ours even though he melted our hearts the day we saw his photo and was always "officially" ours as soon as we learned he would be our son.

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