Thursday, February 12, 2009

Do You Have Any Special Skills?

Regarding the non profit I have received several reactions like," I can't believe how much you've accomplished" or " You are so far along in the process." I guess I don't know what people expected when I handed them a business card back in October and said, "AJ and I are starting a non-profit." I admit that being a business person I've had several ideas for business ventures (though I don't consider Parenthood for Me in the same league). I started another endeavor as an outlet for my creativity making aprons and framed letters. Writing and design are my 2 favorite hobbies and having a business mentality gives me the idea to turn hobbies and passions into a business- make money or do something! If I had any time My Little Lu Product Line would be more developed and promoted. But, it has gone by the wayside for now.

A reoccurring thought has presented itself. I would be lost without all I have learned from working for my father. Nearly six years ago, at the age of 25 I began a job at my father's real estate company. I fell into the position because I was laid off. I never had any aspirations to be in real estate. But, I needed a job, my dad needed an assistant, and there we were. We shook hands and made a proclamation to give it six months. If there were any signs of ripping each other's throats out, I would resign.

As luck would have it, my dad and I clicked on so many levels that I moved from assistant to "partner." We really enjoy working together and it has been a win win situation. In the meantime I have learned how to run a business and then some. Since being under his tutelage I have admired my dad for his innovative thinking at age 22. He started his corporation at 24 and here we are 36 years later in a very competitive industry.

When I started reading about non profits and building a business, I knew I would go all the way- a 501 c(3) corporation. I wanted a corporate seal like my father has in his trusty "Corporation Notebook" from 1973.We are a small company, but I have gained many connections through being a REALTOR that have helped tremendously. There are many aspects to the non profit world that befuddle me; I have a lot to learn. But, I also have a great Board of Directors as my back up and think tank.

My skills of managing a business such as: record keeping, bookkeeping, website management, marketing are really coming in handy and making things run relatively smoothly as the non profit establishes itself. I am nervous enough about all I have to learn and thankful for the skill set I have mastered in the past 5 years.

Real estate is my paid career and I love doing it. Parenthood for Me is a passionate venture to make a difference. Technically it could be considered volunteer work, but I don't look at it that way. It provides a fulfillment for which I longed.

Sully, the Captain of the airplane that crashed on the Hudson River said in his interview with Katie Couric that it seems like all the special training and tasks he has done and accomplished throughout his 42 year career led him to those 5 minutes in the air. There could not have been a more capable pilot driving the plane that day.

I many ways my life experiences, hobbies and desires have led me to this point. Starting this non profit is a calling. I wanted to provide the help and guidance we did not have available to us when we were going through infertility.

I am standing on the platform waiting for the train to take me where I am intended to go. I will get off at the appropriate stops, and I will continue on to new places where I will learn, achieve, fail and try again.

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