Friday, March 27, 2009

Help us reach our goal

Help Parenthood for Me reach its goal of $5,000 for our first fundraising push.
Our goal is to award grants in spring of 2010. We have a lot of work to do.

Fundraising is full force here at Parenthood for Me. We are having our first fundraiser here in Rochester on April 26. It takes place during National Infertility Awareness Week.

I know most of you are not local, but you can contribute. If you visit our website, there is a spot on the homepage to make a donation via paypal. You can also purchase a bumper sticker to help us spread the word. And, coming up soon are some other items you can purchase to make a donation and get a nice gift in return.

We are printing tshirts. Because we received sponsorships, almost the entire net proceeds of the tshirts goes to the foundation. Here is a picture of the front of the tshirt-
sorry it looks a little fuzzy.

White, cotton short sleeve tshirts.

Adult - $24.00

Infant & Toddler- $20.00
18-24 months
9-12 months

You can pre-order if you like. Simply email me:
The shirts will be available soon and online within 2 weeks.

We also have our Artwork for Building Families Project to be rolled out sometime in May.
Here is a sample of the artwork donated by Jess Klem. There are 4 other designs.

Her beautiful black and whites will be made into blank stationary cards. Again, the net proceeds will go to the foundation. Thanks for thinking of us for a donation.

Every donation gets us one step closer to building families.


Nina said...

Nice blog! Thanks for stopping by!

Lassie said...

I think P for Me is great! Would you ever consider giving bloggers a badge/logo to put on their sidebar to direct readers to your site? If so, I'd put one on eggsbene!

Faith said...

Oh wow -- first time on your blog, what a WONDERFUL cause!!!! Thank you for the work you do. ICLW.


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