Saturday, March 7, 2009

Learning About Open Adoption

When AJ and I decided to adopt, we automatically eliminated domestic adoption. Admittedly we were misinformed and uneducated about how it really works, but we were tired. We were spent emotionally and made our decision to adopt internationally because of people we knew who had wonderful experiences. We decided to adopt from Korea by a chance meeting with a woman who had rambled down the same road- IF and then adoption in her twenties. She couldn't say enough wonderful things about our agency Love the Children. After looking into the agency further (which had a local chapter-bonus), we felt the program was excellent and a huge weight was lifted off our shoulders as we submitted our application.

One of my biggest goals as President of our non profit is to become as educated as possible on all facets of ART, IF and adoption- all kinds of adoption.

Thank you to Lori, I have been enlightened. Also, Heather at Production Not Reproduction has established a list of Open Adoption Blogs.
And, this beautiful post from Life from Here has opened my mind and my heart.

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