Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Blog Award

"Queen of ALLL Things AWE-SUMMM" Blog Award

Mama of 3 Munchins has given me this awesome award.

And Random Elly nominated me as well.

Thank you ladies!

To accept and pass this award on I must list 7 awesome things about myself. I will try (7 is so few- just kidding!!)

1. I am very empathetic. (My husband says sometimes too much) Can you ever be too empathetic?

2. I try to be very thoughtful and make people feel special. I love giving gifts. Ofcoarse that has been tabled somewhat b/c of the economy. I have will to get a little craftier with my limited gift -giving budget. Look out everyone, you may be getting some homemade goodies.

3. I am a good driver- no tickets! One accident but totally not my fault. I was side swiped by a teen-ager who was reaching for her cell phone. Duh, don't admit that's what you were doing. It's illegal to drive and talk on a cell phone in NYS. Oh and I scraped a yellow poll while going through the ATM- again totally not my fault! They have since removed that poll!

4. I am pretty good and decorating and design- a huge love of mine.

5. I really think before I speak (usually). I don't ever want to sound preachy or all-knowing.

6. As my mom used to say, I have hair that ladies pay lots of money to get- curly.

7. I can articulate how I am feeling. It is what has helped me get through IF.


GeekByMarriage said...

That's an awesome list! I also tagged you on my blog.

Mama of 3 Munchkins! said...

Your list is so awesome my favorites are 5 and 7.

Have a great day as you so deserved this award.

tireegal68 said...

congratulations - I like the seven things you wrote about yourself too!

Just Caz said...

Empathy is a quality that cannot be brought, or made. It is something that we are born with. Well thats what I think.
Such a beautiful quality to have.


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