Monday, April 20, 2009

Perfect Moment Monday

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I have to mention a few perfect moments that have already happened today.

1. We have a very large yard and since moving in last July have had plans to fence most of it in for our baby dog Lucy. She loves to run and is so beautiful to watch, but without a fence we could not let her go off into the yard alone. Brittany Spaniels are notorious for needing fenced in yards because they are hunting dogs. Today our fence got installed, and it is the best feeling to know that she can be outside running around and playing with Luv Bug while he is in the sandbox or I am asleep on the hammock. I cannot wait for summer!

2. A few months ago I was contacted by a woman who wanted to make a large donation to PFM in honor of her friend who is going through IF. She and another woman decided to do odd jobs to pay for the donation. I found out this morning that their total donation is around $900. I am absolutely floored by this staggering amount and all the hard work they have put in. They painted a room for someone, did a can and bottle drive and other jobs to come up with this large amount of money. This is by far the largest donation we have received. What amazes me is this comes from two people who don't know me at all but want to help their friend who is going through a very tough time. This is an example of the many wonderful things that have come my way since starting PFM. In some ways my faith in humanity has been restored by the random acts of kindness and beautiful people I have been touched by.

3. Potty training is going full force. It is the cutest thing when I ask Luv Bug if he has to go potty and he says, uh-no (which means yes) and we hurry up the stairs for him to go on his little potty. He has gone 9 times now and he is barely two. We are so proud of him and he is so excited about it. I never thought potty training would be so exhilerating. He is growing up so fast.


Kristin said...

Great moments...all 3 of them. I am so jealous of #3. Gabe is fully resistant to it.

KLTTX said...

Those are all great! Wow, potty training at 2. My DS did not get trained until he was 3 and that was rough! I am hoping my youngest DS is more cooperative.

Lori said...

Isn't it odd that a fence is what gives your dog freedom?

That's so great about the donation! I am sure that your work will draw many wonderful people to you. Like attracts like.

Good luck with #3. Which actually means #1 and #2 (potty humor).

Beautiful Mess said...

Way to go Fyn! WOW a $900 donation?! That's amazing! I hope you all enjoy your backyard and summer! Great moments!

Peeveme said... Piccolina is 2 1/2 and we haev not really started potty training. I am fully aware that's it more about "parent" training than training her. Just like sleep training or any type of schedule discipline. Happy, respectful children and well functioning families don't happen by chance.

That's awesome about the donation.

Also, I can not wait for Summer either!


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