Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Quotable Quotidian - 5.23.09

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Like many of you I am reading, "Navigating the Land of IF" by Melissa Ford (our Mel). It is my prediction that this book/encyclopedia for infertility will become the most read book on infertility because it covers absolutely everything, and in an easy to understand way. Like me I have heard many people say they wish this book had been around x years ago. But it is here now and it is great.

One of the first points in the book is that being on the Infertility Committee means that we are broken into subcommittees. There are many different reasons for wearing the badge "infertile," but all the committees suck.

"People of all kinds end up in the Land of IF...Let me be very clear on this point:
I am officially declaring a boycott of the Pain Olympics. It doesn't matter what brought you to the stirrups or the donation rooms... The fact is, infertility is one of the great equalizers of the world, and everyone here could use all the support they can get."
If you haven't purchased this book yet click on the links below.

my big old stone-soup-of-a-project book

Click here to learn more about the book

Click here to buy your own copy.

p.s. Mel and I will get the chance to meet at RESOLVE's Night of Hope Annual Dinner in NYC where she is receiving the Hope award. I told her I would have my book in hand for an autograph.


WiseGuy said...

I am still to get my hands on Mel's book...I am so happy that you will be attending the event...Wish her and cheer her on the behalf of all of us!


Kristin said...

The book is full of brilliant quotes! Give Mel my love when you get to meet her.

Lori said...

I loved that line about the Pain Olympics, too.

Wish I could see you both, too!

Anonymous said...

That is a good point. It's similar to pregnancy loss. Those of us that have experienced it know that it doesn't matter how far along you lost the baby, the grief you experience is the same. It's a common bond, no matter what.

Mom's Fortress of Solitude said...

Thank you for commenting, and wishing me well in figuring out all the html to get my blog back. Boy, was that ever a PITA!

I'm up and running again. WOO HOO! Come on by to check it out, and let me know what you think. :o)

Tell Mel 'Hello from Chicago' for me, when you do meet her.


Busted Tube said...

I picked up Mel's book days after my miscarriage and it was like she was sitting next to me. What a wonderful book! You're so lucky to be meeting her!

A Mom in Jacksonville, FL said...

OOOOH. Meeting an amazing blogger in person---how wonderful!

I'm about halfway through the book now and have loved it.


Caroline said...

Thanks for the book recommendation. I will get a copy of it as it looks great. x

Jenny @ Another Jennifer Speaks said...

ive seen that book on other blogs. ill have to check it out just to check it out. :)

MOMSTAR said...

Just stopped over from MBC;) Subscribed to your blog;) Hope you enjoy mine.

Blog ya later...

Lollipop Goldstein said...

Thank you! It is pretty damn trippy to click over to catch up and see this. Thank you so much.


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