Monday, July 13, 2009

Perfect Moment Monday

I always knew my Brittany Spaniel, Lucy was just like a toddler. She is pictured at the left. She has this playful and very humorous side to her that always felt more human-like than canine. Since Luv Bug has come home I have better been able to correlate her behavior with that of a toddler. Lucy has this thing with going in the garbage can. She likes to shred tissues or lick wrappers. She will sniff out discarded gum like a professional and chew on it. I found her one day with gum all over her front paws; she was trying to get it out of her gums and teeth.

The other day Luv Bug was in my vanity and opened a lipstick. He proceeded to put it on his lips and all over his face. Luckily it did not make it to my walls or floors. Because the lipstick was ruined and I have never worn it, I threw it away. I admit the thought crossed my mind that either Luv Bug or Lucy was find it in the trash can and proceed to do some more damage. But, I forgot about it and moved on.

Today I heard Lucy chewing on something in the other room. It registered that I better get up and find out what she was doing and fast. There she was in my office chomping on the lipstick I had thrown away. She had bright pink lipstick all over her paws, nails, and forearms. It was also stuck in her teeth. I absolutely cannot be mad at her when she does things like this. She is such a good dog that when I catch her in the middle of something stupid like this, I just laugh. I cannot even really scold her. My attempts are always half hearted.

The point of my story is that today my puppy proved to me once again that she has been our child every since we got her in 2002. It is so hysterical to see that she and Luv Bug do many of the same naughty things. She sniffs in my bag for things and found gum one time. I found her chomping on it wrapper and all. Luv Bug also went in the same bag and had his first experience trying to chew gum. The two of them are a handful. And, I love every minute of it.

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Anonymous said...

This is so funny.

One time my dog got into my lipstick and ate it and I'll never forget his bright pink poop as a result!

Kristin said...

What great stories. I'm glad you have such a good sense of humor about it.

Amy said...

Cute story! Dogs are much like little kids - I have some stories like that of my own.

When my dog Leo was a puppy he was into everything he should not have been. A favorite was shredding toilet paper or any paper really. We were visiting the in-laws and DH little nephew was there. At somepoint we noticed this laughter and grunting. We look around the corner to the hallway and see Leo pulling L (nephew) down the hall on a throw rug! Leo was grunting and yanking, L was laughing and enjoying the ride. Later that day L had gone into a drawer and was throwing plastic bags all over the floor. They were so much alike!

Beautiful Mess said...

You do have two naughty little children! I would love it, too! They have a best friend and a partner in crime in each other.

Lavender Luz said...

I wonder if you have some amazing pink "artwork" on your floors and walls.

Great story, and your reaction is a perfect moment for sure.

KuKd Chick said...

Great story - love it! Any dog story is enough to make me smile.

J and J Acres said...

They're like two peas in a pod it sounds like!

My mom always said that my brother and our golden retriever were more alike than anyone knew... including that they'd both leave puddles on the floor!!

Sheri said...

I loved your story about Lucy and Luv Bug. Too funny!

Yes...dogs and kids are a lot alike.

Thanks for sharing your Perfect Moment and for visiting my Wild women blog.


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