Thursday, July 2, 2009

Show and Tell - July 2

My show and tell is about a jewelry set that I obtained over the years.

My mother bought me this necklace as a wedding present. I wore it on my wedding day.

The picture does not do it justice and proves to me once again that my camera stinks. It is white gold and the heart has diamond chips to make it sparkly. I like simple and elegant things so this was a perfect necklace for me.

A year later I saw a ring in the Tiffany's magazine that had the same heart on it. I would joke with AJ about about buying it for a present. Every six months or so the Tiffany's magazine would come in the mail and there it was all shiny and beautiful. I told my mom about the ring and thought maybe she would buy it to complete the set.

A couple of years go by and we are down in Key West on vacation with our parents. We walked past a jewelry store and there it was in the window! A Tiffany's display with my heart ring. I had to go inside and try it on. The ring was pulled out from the cabinet and I slipped it on my right hand. The picture in the magazine made it seem so much bigger. I told my mother and AJ that it wasn't as big as I thought and I didn't want the ring anymore. Phew! Saved a lot of money there.

As we were getting ready to go out to dinner that night AJ pulled something out of his drawer and set it on the bed. It was a blue Tiffany's box and I said,"Oh, you didn't."

I opened the box and there was the heart ring. I asked him if he went back and bought it but that wasn't the case. He had purchased it a couple of weeks prior, had it shipped to his mother's house, and his mother brought it with her to Key West so he could give it to me for a Valentine's/ Birthday present. I was mortified about what I said earlier that day. I said it was too small and I didn't want it, and all the while he was holding onto it waiting to give it to me.

I cried tears of joy and once it was actually mine I absolutely loved the ring. It was perfect. I apologized for ruining his surprise and we went off to dinner. The best part is that my mother didn't know he bought it either. When we got to dinner I kept trying to show her my hand so she would notice the ring. Eventually she saw it and was shocked. AJ told his story to my parents and we all had a giggle. Then my mother said, "I'm glad you bought it because otherwise I was going to have to."

For my birthday this year I got another beautiful surprise, earrings to complete the set.

I am very proud to wear all three of these heirlooms-in-the-making. I do not wear a lot of jewelry. When I wear jewelry it is usually because I am "dressing up" for an occassion or feeling in a good mood that day. When things are really going well, I love to put on my heart collection and think of all the stories that go along with completing the set.

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'Murgdan' said...

So sweet. I teared up when he came out with the ring...partly because that would so happen to me, making that comment and then being given the ring as a gift. :-)

So pretty.

Missy said...


Lavender Luz said...

I love that you took a meandering route to get a perfectly matched set.

It's very metaphorical, no?

Beautiful items, Erica.

Beautiful Mess said...

I love simple, yet elegant pieces of jewelry. They are so beautiful. I'm glad you have them and the stories to tell.

cowboyboot lady said...

OMG, what a nice story! You have a very loving husband and mother. What a nice surprise getting that ring on vacation! The set of three is a beauty. Maybe a bracelet to complete the set???


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