Friday, August 28, 2009

Randomondium - 8.28.09

Random and Pandemonium.
What life is really all about.

1. MinMan has finally "heard" daddy us the "F" word and decided to say it as well. The interesting thing is that he puts an "a" in front of it so it is no longer a four letter word.

"Mom, af*ck." He has used the five letter word in context too. Hopefully this will pass soon.

Here's the conversation between DH and I.

Me: I've asked you to watch your language from now on.

DH: It's not a big deal. Society makes these words into "bad" words.

Me: Well, society is going to be the one judging me when he yells the F word out in the middle of the grocery store.

2. My MIL got a fire proof inspection done on her house. Did you know that leaving power strips on the floor can cause a fire? They recommend you attach them to the wall. Also make sure you clean the vent of your dryer not just the trap. The lint and debris that get caught in the vent cause a lot of house fires.

3. Two tips:

- use sandpaper to sharpen your scissors. Snip a piece of sandpaper a few times.

- release a stuck zipper by rubbing a candle along the teeth on both sides.

4. I took this picture from someone's blog this week and now I don't remember whose. If it was yours, let me know. I could use an Olympic swimmer in my uterus. All you need is one, right?


Kristin said...

On principle, I agree with your hubby but, until society is less judgmental, I operate (or try to) under your rule of language use.

Cool tip[ about sharpening scissors. I had forgotten all about the sandpaper method.

Mai said...

We've started saying "brrnt" when we want to use profanity in front of the babeh girl..but sometimes I still slip, and she say "Moo-Moo, this damn doll is broken" I have to giggle.

Also, I have an award waiting for you at my blog :)

A Mom in Jacksonville, FL said...

I'm with Kristin...though I see DH's point, why set you or MinMan up for being judged for his language? (Though he does give new meaning to "the A-word.")

Congrats on your Exhale gig, how wonderful!

Lavender Luz said...

That was a great comeback to DH! Such a funny astory.

Yay for the Exhale gig!


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