Friday, August 7, 2009

Randomonium- 8.7.09

Random and Pandemonium.
What life is really all about.
1) A Worthy Cause for the Environment
On September 19 join volunteers world wide who visit their local beaches for the 24th annual International Coastal Cleanup.
Here is how litter collected at last year's event was broken down:
    • 6.8 million pounds of garbage (about 3400 tons, or equivalent to the weight of 18 blue whales)
    • 3.2 million cigarette butts (that is around 160,850 packs)
    • 1.4 million plastic bags
    • 942,620 food wrappers
    • 509,593 straws and coffee stirrers
    • 441,053 plastic utensil, cups, and plates
    • 26,585 tires (enough for 6,646 cars plus a spare)


2) Win $100,000 to pay off your mortgage.

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3) Luv Bug's new Internet alias.

About six months ago when my blog starting getting big I made the decision to keep his face and name anonymous. Luv Bug was the first thing that came to mind. He is getting older and I feel it is time to change things up to something that is more suitable. He is now Min Man.

4)In my continuous effort to stay away from malls and buying clothes, I did give in yesterday. However, I am proud of what I purchased. I went to M.arshalls and zoomed through the clearance racks. This is something I do not normally take the time to do. I figure it's all junk and I'm in a discount store already! Yesterday I bought a very cute pair of sandals for $5 bucks, a pair of THi.lfiger summery strappy shoes for $15.00, a tunic for $7, and a pair of Bermuda shorts good for work or play for $7.00.

5) Two great quotes I saw in Newsweek

  • "I mean, imagine Cronkite with Twitter: "Man on Moon. OMG." "Nixon resigns.LMAO." Sean O'Brien, Rep. Mike Quigley's chief of staff
  • 'Here, I'd get shot.' - President Obama speculating on what might happen if he tried to break into the White House, while commenting on Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr.'s arrest after a neighbor saw him trying to enter his own home.


Beautiful Mess said...

We did a beach clean up once. I think it was for Earth Day, but it was DISGUSTING! I can't believe people are so careless. Makes me sick!

Love the new alias. It's very fitting.

Anonymous said...

Good deals!

caitsmom said...

Loved reading the extras on twitter feeds. There is a tweet where a library posts the diary of John Quincy Adams. Cool.

Lisa said...

The new moniker(for LB) seems just right and sweet too! Just another reminder of how quickly they grow and how sweet & bittersweet that that fact is! :)

Happy weekend! Lisa

Mary said...

Nixon resigns, LMAO. I've been giggling for 10 minutes at that one. :)

Kathy B! said...

I love that you gave a shout out to the ocean conservancy! I love the work they do and am a huge supporter.


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