Friday, September 25, 2009

Randomondium 9.25.09

Random and Pandemonium.
What life is really all about.

1) Happy 6-0 to my mom! She looks and acts too young to be 60.

2) Penny for your thoughts? You may have heard of a movement to eliminate the penny because it is not cost effective to produce. Interesting fact:

- the "copper" penny is actually made of 97.5% zinc. Due to the soaring prices of metal, it costs 1.7 cents to produce one penny.

3) Birthday traditions in other countries.

Israel- kids do not simply say happy birthday but offer blessings such as, may you have a year of fun and happiness. Another tradition is the birthday child sits in a chair and adults lift her over their head one time for each year.
Scandinavia- The national flag is hung from a top window of the home alerting all the neighbors of the special day and neighbors stop to offer their congratulations
United Kingdom- Instead of birthday cake a scoop of ice cream is placed over a bowl full of JellO
Australia- The birthday food is much easier than baking a cake. They call it fairy bread. It's a slide of white bread smeared with buttered and covered in sprinkles.
** Australians call sprinkles "hundreds and thousands." - I love it!

4) Italian lesson

Fare passegiata- to take a stroll.
Italians often take a walk as a family after a meal to help digest and get exercise.

5) Tid bit

Put a couple of marshmallows in your brown sugar bag. It will help keep it soft.

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Leah said...

Very interesting tidbits. I especially liked the traditions in other countries surrounding birthdays. Very cool!

Jewls said...

Did you know the best way to eat marshmallows is frozen? Seriously, stick a bag in your freezer...delish!

Kristin said...

Cool factoids.

Grapes also taste wonderful frozen.

Anonymous said...

That's very interesting about the penny!


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