Sunday, November 22, 2009

ICLW Speed Dating III

Welcome all. Thanks for visiting. Take a look around. I am an adoptive mom and founder of the non-profit, Parenthood for Me.

Here are 25 random facts about me in two minutes. If you like what you hear, stick around:

1. I love to drive. We still have a car that is stick shift.

2. My dream vacation right now is to visit Ireland.

3. I am a novice sewer and make aprons, curtains, and pillows

4. I got married at a winery.

5. I speak Italian and Spanish.

6. I have two beautiful nieces.

7. I love bagels and cream cheese.

8. I am very sappy and cry a lot.

9. I laugh a lot at myself. I also think stupid things are very funny. ie: on FB there is page where you can become a fan of Cousin Eddie from Christmas Vacation. I LMAO at his page- over 25,000 fans!

10. I love visiting Bed and Breakfasts'

11. I have family from Canada and Japan.

12. My husband and I will be celebrating our 10th Christmas together.

13. I love music- all kinds from hip hop to classical

14. Spring and Fall are my favorites seasons

15. I have dark brown hair and green eyes, 5'3" (I will leave my weight out:)

16. I met my husband in a bar through a mutual friend

17. I like to think of names for future children that are unique but not weird or over the top.

18. My favorite part of Christmas is the music, lights and smells.

19. My favorite childhood movie is Anne of Green Gables. My favorite books are Nancy Drew.

20. Now I read a lot of memoirs

21. I try not to worry about things I have no control over.

22. I love that my husband has a big heart.

23. My house is a 1922 farmhouse. I am an old house lover.

24. I am very close with my family.

25. I enjoy doing laundry but not putting it away.


Amy said...

The last one got me smiling - doing laundry does not bother me at all. I like the smell of the fresh clean clothes but once out of the drier and folded, well, the clothes sit in basket or pile up on the dresser for weeks before actually making it into the closet!

I love B&B's too!

My hand made aprons are cute if not a bit crooked.

Anonymous said...

Happy ICLW!
I cry a lot too...last night we went to the movies and saw The Blind Side (sooo good) and I cried like 10 times. It was a feel good movie.

Wishing 4 One said...

I loved reading that! You are such a neat gal! Happy ICLW.

Melissa B. said...

I'm with you all the way on the laundry. And the farmhouse. I'd love to live in one!

Lisa said...

I smiled all the way through this! Ditto on the laundry and the trip to Ireland....cept, we need to detour to Disney World on the way there first! :)

:) Hugs!

Anonymous said...

omg. Are we related? Thank you for your visit to my blog for ICLW (happy ICLW btw). I wanted to be Anne of Green Gables- although I was more of a Trixie Belden kinda girl b/c she had freckles(me too).

Liddy said...

Ooooh I love that you got married at a winery. E and I intend to open one at his grandparents farm in the coming years.

Stopping by for an ICLW visit...
No. 2: the unfair struggle (mfi, speedskating, nanowrimo)

Anonymous said...

This is so interesting! Some of the things on FB that you can become fans of cracks me up, too! My favorite is "Not being on fire." lol

Also, if you like old houses, you'd LOVE mine! Mine's an OLD OLD OLD farmhouse. We're talking 1800's old! We're talking "my bathroom used to be a pantry because there was no indoor plumbing" old! haha

It's so great to "meet" you again.

Happy ICLW!

jlynn said...

I have been bugging the husband to plan an Ireland trip... full of B&B's :)

Happy to have come across your blog thru ICLW!

Kristin said...

I love to drive too. Sadly, my dream car just isn't that family friendly. ('64 1/2 Mustang ragtop).

I loved the Nancy Drew books.

mrsmoore08 said...

What a cute idea for ICLW. Consider it officially stolen :)

Heather said...

I need to work on #21!


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