Monday, December 14, 2009

Im-Perfect Moment Monday

About four hours ago I was involved in my very first toddler blow out in public. At a certain bookstore they have a certain train set that a certain little boy goes crazy for. I should have learned my lesson that last 2 times I brought him to this store and he had to be dragged from the train table. However, I was in a different plaza, different store and I presumed that I could avoid the nuts-for-trains child that I have.

It almost worked. I shopped for about 7 minutes for a couple of items, but then I had to venture to the child section. Min man went crazy over the trains; he escaped from his stroller and commenced shrieking and naming all of the trains.

I was able to pick up the couple of gifts, give Min man a few more minutes to play, and then it was time to go. Oh, he was not having it. When I was able to drag him out of the area, pushing the stroller, I noticed that the line was like 20 people long. He began to roll on the ground screaming and kicking. My attempts to console him and carry him to the line proved futile, and I was forced to ditch my items and try and make it to the door with some dignity.

Min man's shrieks echoed throughout the 2 level, open air store. I kept my cool but had a very hard time maneuvering the stroller around all the freakin' displays. One man moved out of my way quickly. Finally I got to the front door, Min man under my arm and pushed the heavy door open with the stroller.

As I tried to push the stroller through the final and freedom fulfilling door, the huge wheels got stuck and I had to put child down. A very nice older couple said, "We can help you."
They held the door for me and helped me get the stuck stroller unstuck.

'Tis the season to help a fellow shopper with screaming child.

As I walked to my car I heard someone say, "Been there, done that."

I felt in touch with my fellow man today. They were feeling my pain. No eye rolls or judging looks today folks.

Needless to say I will not be returning to that store alone with my child, EVER. For now I am scarred.

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JC said...

Lol! Next time you should bring a friend then pretend it's her child when Min Man throws a tantrum. My friend does that to me lol.

kbreints said...

Oh I totally have been there... except my episode was in chuck e cheese as you read.... I was only able to reach him after leaving, and listening to him scream for ten minutes in the car on the way home. Not that it helps you... but I am so glad to hear that I don't haev the only crazed child this holiday season... :)

Leah said...

Oh my gosh. . . that sounds dramatic. Ha. At least the other shoppers could somewhat relate. I take it your Min Man loves trains? Hee hee. :-D

Mommy Is Green said...

I'm so glad a nice couple helped you with the door. I usually find people are grumpy around the holidays so it's great someone was nice to you. I think a lot of parents would be understanding. -Victoria from MBC Follow Me Club

Geochick said...

OMG what a shopping trip gone awry! At least there were some helpful people. :)

Missy said...

It's great that you can see the positive in that situation and feel that connection even with the meltdown.

Lavender Luz said...

I'm laughing only because I can commiserate!

Thank goodness for the kindness and compassion of those helpers.

Someday, you'll be on that end.

Heck, someday, MinMan will be on that end!

Beautiful Mess said...

Aww sweetie! How horrible! I hate it when that happens! I'm thankful nobody was rude to you and acted the complete opposite. Hopefully he's back to his adorable self ;o)

A Mom in Jacksonville, FL said...

Sending sympathy and a latte your way....been there done that. Em's worst blow-up ever was when I was alone with her in T.arget. Took me many months before I'd return to that particular store location.

I like JC's idea---too funny! :)

Twangypearl the Elastic Girl said...

Oh dear, that does sound hard on the nerves! Nice of that couple to help. It's so heartening when someone is kind in a situation like that.

(Yikes. I wonder how I'd cope.. eek, someday I'll find out!)


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