Thursday, December 3, 2009

Shopping for the Holidays

Please visit Steph in the City for more ideas on holiday shopping and budgeting.

I usually start Christmas shopping in September. I look for deals on items and make an excel spreadsheet to track what I have bought for whom. This allows me to at least try not to go overboard. This year I am being the most conservative ever when it comes to spending money. And, I am especially going for quality not quantity. I have a hard time buying one really nice item for someone.

Remember that Parenthood for Me offers some great items to purchase for gifts, and the net proceeds of your purchase go toward the endowment. Click here.

Buy our signature hairclip. Comment on this blog to purchase a clip. $6.00
Only 8 remaining.

PFM official tshirt.

Slogan says, " Help make a difference. Help to start a family."


Sizes- Baby/toddler 6-12 months, 18-24 months, 2T, 3T

Adult- S,M, L, XL

Our bumper sticker - $3.00

Artwork for Building Families Notecards

$12.50 for ten cards and envelopes. Cards are blank inside.

There are black and white images. Here are two examples. There are five images total.

Landscape Art. 5 images total.

Watercolors done by our favorite third graders at The School at Columbia University. 10 images total. Your purchases and donations are a tax write-off.

Consult your tax professional.


2 Toddlers and Me said...

Those watercolors are great - such a cute idea. They would make wonderful gifts, good idea.

Michelle said...

Can you let me know how to purchase the hair clip?

Sherrie said...

The excel spreadsheet is a great idea. I need to implement something like that. That would help seeing the amount I've spent right in front of me so I don't go over budget. I really need to get organized like that.

Sara said...

That hair clip is so cute! I don't have children, but I'm thinking about just wearing it to class every day!

Paige said...

Stopping by from SITS! Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest. Hope you have a great weekend!

Jenny said...

Cute shirts!

Melissa B. said...

love, Love, LOVE these...and Steph, too! SITS sent me by, and I'm glad they did...Happy Sunday!

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