Monday, February 22, 2010

Hapy ICLW- February

Welcome everyone. Thank you for visiting.
This Monday am I am watching Curious and sitting with my 2 year old as he attempts to eat oatmeal with raisins and not spill all over his pajamas.
This blog is an extension of the non-profit, Parenthood for Me. Our mission is to provide financial and emotional support to those building families through adoption or medical intervention.
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Kristin said...

Sounds like an awesome way to spend Monday morning.

..Soo.See.. said...

:) Thanks for stopping by, and Happy ICLW, and now I'm off to do some reading here!

Myndi said...

I agree. We should be thankful for every day that passes. And I've been giving a lot of thought to that lately. So often we tell ourselves our life will be over, will be worthless, if we don't end up with the life we planned, and in doing so, we dismiss all the wonderful things in our lives. Every day that we are able to take breath, and have our health, and have love in our lives, is a day to be thankful for.

Wonderful post!


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