Monday, February 15, 2010

Perfect Moment Monday- Trials of Potty Training

Potty training. The ups. The downs. Sticker charts and treats. What an experience.
This past weekend we did not do much but ask Min man, "Do you have to go potty?"

3 minutes later.

"Do you have to go on the potty?"

"Lets sit on the potty. You'll get a sticker."

I went out and bought new underware and pull-ups. We were on a full potty training roll.

He did so well all weekend even doing #2 on the potty which everyone said would be the toughest part. Not for our little man. There were high fives, suckers, stickers, and quarters given out. He was so proud and rightly so. Quite a big accomplishment for a 2 year old.

Today I brought him to MommyL's in underware. This was a first because all weekend he was wearing underware but with no pants to make getting to the potty as easy as possible.
No accidents at MommyL's. Phew.

We come home, he wears a pull-up (I explain that it is not a diaper); nap time it is. However, sleep did not happen. He decided to pull apart his whole room, take off his pull-up and pee on the rug. When I walked in, he handed me a soaked tissue and said," Here, Mom. I clean the pee pee."

What can I say? We're only on day 3 of full force training. We go downstairs for a snack and the underware goes back on. All is well.

I go out to the store and DH texts that Min man peed in the heat vent.

Me- " I guess the honeymoon is over."

Him- "He's now wearing a diaper."

Nuff said.

I walk in from the store and I ask Min man what he did.

He boasts," I pee on the rug. I pee in the vent."

There ya have it. How can I not laugh?

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Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, that might be a little frustrating for you, but it's SO HILARIOUS!!!! What a funny little guy!!!

'Murgdan' said...

Pee in the vent!!! Ahhhh...well, ya gotta laugh. Too cute.

Lavender Luz said...

That's priceless. Remember to get this post out around the time of prom :-).

Kristin said...

Hehehehe, my oldest purposely peed on a xylophone when he was a little older than MinMan is now.

Nanny Adventures said...

I can't believe he was so honest about what he did, that is hilarious! I can't wait to be there and experience some fun min man moments!

KLTTX said...

Sorry to laugh but I can't help it. He is doing well for a two year old. My oldest was 3.5 before we even tried.

Jessica said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog today, I'm glad it led me to yours. My daughter ran up today to tell me my son peed in the fireplace. What is with these boys??? Best of luck to both of us I guess!


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