Monday, April 12, 2010

Images Of The Family-Building Dinner and Silent Auction

Parenthood for Me's 1st Annual Family-Building Dinner and Silent Auction held April 10, 2010 was a marvelous success.

There were 112 people in attendance. We raised over $6,000 for our endowment. I am proud to announce that 100% of all the donations for the dinner including ticket sales, individual donations, and silent auction donations were put into our endowment.

Thank you to all of the sponsors of the event. It is due to their generosity that we were able to raise a significant amount of money that will go towards the first grant recipients in June.
We have received over 175 grant application requests from all over the US. The Grant Review Committee is now reviewing applications and the final decision will be made June 15.

I am overwhelmed with the support we have received in our endeavor to help build families. Here are some images from the fundraiser taken by my friend, Heather Cicione. She has a photography business and donated her time and talents to help document our very first big fundraiser. Please visit her website. Heather Cicione Photography.

Erica and the Chairman of the Board, Chuck Montante

Sally Bacchetta delivering the keynote address: "The Secret Gift of Birth Parents"

Hand made favors

Our sponsor CNY Fertility Center

The Board of Directors

The Rochester Yacht Club.

Erica and AJ Schlaefer- the founders

Kevin Mulcay- Recipient of the 2010 Commitment to Excellence Award

The President and Committee Chairman celebrating

Board member, Melissa Mulcahy

(More to come...)


shelley said...

hi there,
i haven't popped over in a while and thought i'd stay "hi" and see how you guys are doing. congrats on your event! i know as a former founder and ceo of a non profit how much work goes into events like this! so hats off to you for all you do! ps i love the little favors so cute!
shelley :)

rebecca said...

Congrats on such an amazing turn out & fundraising event! The work you're doing will touch many couples in need...thank you for all that you do:)

Lavender Luz said...

Congrats. Looks like you pulled it off most excellently!

Excited for those who will end up with your grants.

Kristin said...

Oh wow, you did it Erica! I am so thrilled to watch this grow.

Quiet Dreams said...

Congratulations on such an accomplishment! The photos are great. You should be so proud.

The Busters said...

So glad it was such a success!! CONGRATS!!

Geochick said...

Congratulations on a successful fundraiser!

Alana said...

Woo-hoo! Kudos to you and your DH on the success of this event and the entire PFM program!

Green is my favorite color---I am loving your dress! Pictures are fabulous, but I think the last pic of you with your DH is especially nice. :)

Suzy said...

I'm so clad it was a success! Thanks for the notecards. I can't wait to use them.

Mrs. Clean Freak said...

Happy Sharefest Saturday!

Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest! What a great way to reach out and help others!

Lisa said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by ~ you've been missed!! :)

It looks like your big night was a tremendous success ~ I'm so happy to see that it was!!

Welcome back!!


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