Monday, May 3, 2010

Perfect Moment Monday- Monkey Tumbler

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This may seem very trivial, but when I notice these moments, a smile automatically comes to my face. We are finally getting around to re-doing our downstairs bathroom after nearly 2 years of living in the house. A new light was installed and now I am prepping the walls to paint. (I should do a before and after photo). We are not going overboard on this project because we actually plan on opening up the back of the house for an addition; yeah, we're playing the lottery weekly.

Anyway, I had to go buy a new towel bar, switch plate cover, towels, and shower curtain. When I was in the bathroom-stuff aisle I noticed the kiddie bathroom supplies such as train toothbrush holders and goofy rugs. As Min man gets older he becomes more independent so I thought it would be nice to give him a little space of his own. I bought a cute monkey toothbrush holder and tumbler just for him. He has his own bathroom to brush his teeth.

These ordinary purchases and decisions sometimes alert my brain to a time when I would have given anything to purchase silly bathroom paraphernalia. I remember walking through many aisles in many stores where so many tangible items were ready to be purchased but simply scoffed at me.

Now as the days pass and different milestones come and go I remain grateful when Min man needs new sneakers and little big-man undershirts like daddy. I try not to spoil Min man. But it also felt good to see a Buzz.Lightyear action figure on clearance and throw it in the cart. He just found this movie and absolutely loves it. Nothing pleases me more than when he says,"Mom, to 'finity and 'yond."


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