Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Glass Half Full

I had a bad day. Thanks for all the kind words yesterday.

What infertility has given me:

1) My son

2) The knowledge that millions of my fellow Americans suffer from this disease/condition and need help getting through it

3) My love of writing back

4) Many new friends

5) A greater appreciation for life

6) A greater appreciate for the creation of life and the miraculous nature of giving birth to a healthy and happy baby

7) A not for profit venture

8) New career goals

9) My book (Still a work in progress. But I finally discovered a good title.)

10) A little boy calling me "mom"

11) Empathy

12) Strength

13) Coping skills

14) Sidewalk chalk and a kiddie pool in my back yard

15) The gift of adoption and a better understanding of what adoption means for all parties involved

16) a 3 year old who hugs me and tells me not to cry and it will be alright


Hurdles of Life said...

sadly sometimes seeing the silver lining is blocked by the many grey clouds hovering about. but there are those days.. those special days.. that the silver lining peaks through and you know its all been worth it. xoxoxo

Carrie said...

I can't stop crying. Thank you for posting that. While I haven't even managed to adopt, you have just expressed all the rest of my feelings like you are inside my heart and head. I would love to share this post on my blog if it's okay

Kristin said...

It's amazing that so many wonderful things come from such a rotten beginning (IF). {{{Hugs}}}

DaisyGal said...

I was choked up reading up, and then the 3 yrs old hugging you...well you got me!!!!

I know that IF has given me many gifts I wish I could just return, but it also gave me so many friends, so much understanding and perception that I am "almost" thankful for it sometimes ...just because it made me more human.

XOXO hugs

Another Dreamer said...

What a list- the last item was so very sweet.

It has given a lot of things, that's for sure. Some for the better, some for the worse- but it helps makes us who we are ultimately (*hugs*)

Stacey said...

So great that you share the good days and the bad days and all the emotions that you're experiencing in between. Very sweet, touching post!

The Busters said...

I love this list.

Saige said...

Those are all really great things to take away from infertility. Life might not always give us what we want, but it does always give us what we need, even if we don't realize it all of the time. There is almost always something good to take away from something so difficult to bear. Looking at all of these things, would you change a thing?

Joanna said...

I'm following from MBC.


Mary said...

I hate that anyone has to go through infertility, but love that you are able to look at the bright side and what you do have. Hang in there!

Kelli said...

Such a positive, peaceful reminder of all of the good that comes from IF. I can't wait to add "mom" to my list!

kay said...

Oh man, that last line. *tears* The whole list was so sweet but that last line, beautiful.
Its amazing that you can see the good that has come from the bad, I have such trouble with that sometimes!

Waiting Lisa said...

Beautiful post.


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