Monday, June 21, 2010

ICLW June- Speed Dating IV

Hello everyone. Thanks for visiting. I am an adoptive mom to a 3 year old, struggled to conceive through ART for four years, and founded a non profit. Please take a look around.

The following post describes one of my IF experiences:
A Pinker Shade of Pale

You can read more on the ride side bar under PFM Best Posts.

Here is a brief Q&A to get to know me better.

Q: Favorite food
A: Bagels and cream cheese

Q: Favorite place to visit
A: My cottage in the Thousand Islands

Q: What kind of car do you drive?
A: Honda C.R-V - sporty yet practical for the wintry Rochester weather

Q: Favorite season
A: Fall

Q: Chore you like doing least?
A: Putting away laundry

Q: What's on your playlist right now?
A: "Reflecting Light" Sam Philips - "My Good Gal" OCMS - "Nightingale" Norah Jones - "No Other Love" Chuck Prophet

Q: Why did you start blogging?
A: I began blogging to log our adoption journey and to speak about the perils of infertility. I created this blog after founding the non-profit as a way to connect with others, tell my story, and help educate on IF and adoption as well as miscarriage, stillbirth and surrogacy to name a few

Q: What's your middle name?
A: Catherine- I share it with my paternal grandmother and 2 other cousins

Q: What type of adoption did you do?
A: We adopted internationally from S. Korea. Our son was 15 months when he came home.

Q: Fears/ phobias?
A: I don't mind bugs or spiders. I don't mind heights. Swimming in the ocean scares me. I despise stuffed animal heads. Weird, I know.

Q: Biggest goal for the short term?
A: Finish my book! It has been a three year project

Q: Biggest goal for the long term?
A: Be a great mom and make my child feel loved and accepted.


Heather said...

Happy ICLW (even though I'm a regular reader :) I was *just* reading about the Thousand Islands this morning! What a coincidence.

Yay for writing a book!

DaisyGal said...

HI :)

ooh I'm going to steal was so nice to read about and learn about you. (Get working on that book!!!)

ICLW...have a great week

Miss Ruby said...

Great to meet you!

Here for ICLW
Rach @

Ashlee G. said...

I share your fear of swimming int he ocean. Deep dark water is quite frightening to me!


ICLW #180

Waiting Lisa said...

My husband is afraid of swimming in the ocean too. Actually, anything other than a pool. Which stinks because there is nothing I love more than swimming. Not that we get many chances to swim in the ocean anyway.

Good luck with your book!

Thank you for stopping by my blog and for following. I am already following yours :)


Mrs. Gamgee said...

Stuffed animal heads? That's a new one for me!


Michelle@Gotchababy said...

Hello! Nice post to get to know you better. I'm an adoptive mom to a 5 yo & 2 yo (domestic).

Happy ICLW!

Stacy said...

~~Sigh~~ Laundry. I have a Baby Blues comic taped to a cupboard in my laundry room that I think says it all:

"Nothing is certain but death and taxes. And laundry."


daega99 said...

Pretty cool - I may have to use your questions at some point because they're great!


subfertilefrugalista said...

I had no idea there was really a place called Thousand Islands! Oh, and love Norah Jones...what is it about her voice?!

Happy ICLW!

Jem said...

Great post and a great way to get to know you better.

~Jem (ICLW #56)

Bummed Uterus said...

Nice to meet you! Great idea for an ICLW post!


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