Monday, June 28, 2010

Perfect Moment Monday - Let's Go To The Movies

I Capture Perfect Moments.

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Saturday night we took Min man to see Toy. Story. He is 3 and very active so I was a little nervous about his ability to stay seated for that long. What a complete joy to see him with his 3D glasses on, a bag a popcorn all for him, and his little legs barely reaching the edge of the chair.
He did fabulous.

He is at such a wonderful age. I cherish every day. I look at him in awe. He makes me laugh constantly.

Some of my favorites:
1) Jumping on my bed and when landing he says," 1-2-3- tomato sauce"
2) Starting to pretend and play using his imagination
3) Telling me how to drive "Red means stop and green means go, Mom"
4) Instead of "I don't like" he says," I can't like peppers."
5) His knock-knock joke:
" Knock Knock"
"Who's there?"
"Right here" (and raises his arm)

Oh, I could go on and on...


DaisyGal said...

so glad he did so well with TS3, wasn't it great??? we however, got a babysitter and went ourselves. LOL

sounds like a perfect moment to me:)

Anonymous said...

LOL! I like his knock knock joke! He's so funny!

Rachel said...

The knock knock joke is awesome .... I love it...

Lavender Luz said...

I can't even decide which one is my favorite. Probably #4 or 5.

He's something special, for sure.

Kristin said...

I absolutely LOVE his knock knock joke.

Sandy said...

Sorry I'm a little late dropping by! :)

LOVE this post. That sounds like such a cute age. I'm always anxious for the next stage to begin and I can't wait for Oscar to start talking. However, I know I will regret that on some days, ha ha!

Another Dreamer said...

Adorable, as always. I love the "I don't" versus "I can't" :)

Kelli said...

So precious :) Those kind of moments keep you smiling!

Sheri said...

Three is such a fun age! My kids loved Toy.Story when it first came out.

Now they are teenagers. I'm sure we'll go see it soon.

Thanks for sharing your Perfect Moment!

--visiting from Weebles Wobblog. :)

Alana said...

Catching up...

--Enjoyed your ICLW intro.

--This post was adorable! I love reading about the sweet antics of your Min Man. Glad he loved the movie. :)


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