Friday, July 2, 2010

Photo Friday- A Shout Out For My Skills

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Today's topic is displaying what I'm good at. Do I have skills? Sure do. Don't know how good at it I am but it is something I love to do- decorating. My husband calls me a pack rat but I love going to Estate sales and antiquing. Being a Realtor does not help because I am often able to buy items from seller's homes. I don't enjoy painting that much but I absolutely love putting a room together and seeing the finished product. The best part is hanging the curtains, picking out a rug or pillows and going into my arsenal of potential decorative items and choosing things that make the room complete.

When I see a particular item like a vintage tablecloth or depression glass plate, I know I can find the perfect spot for it- someday.

I don't like knick-knacks or cluttered spaces. Therefore, I switch a lot of things around during different times of the year.

Here are a few pictures of my home.

I purchased this carved bench at an Estate sale for $75. I made the curtains but am by no means a seamstress. I dabble. However, I do make most of my own curtains. I absolutely love picking out fabrics.

The picture on the bottom shelf is from a 1901 edition of Harper's Weekly. It is entitled "Motherhood." My mother gave this to me after Min man came home. (I wonder how long she had been hanging on to it. She's a "collector" as well.)
If you like old houses then you will appreciate their charm. Our house has all natural gum wood trim, 10 foot ceilings, a window seat and beautiful hardwood floors. The house almost decorates itself. This is a picture of our mantel. You can my paisley curtains in the mirror. The mirror is original to the house - 1922. It is beveled and pretty and makes the room feel larger. We are not sure if we want to keep it up or hand artwork. But one thing I will not allow is a plasma TV above the fireplace. I love displaying things on my mantel.

BTW, Calliope. I'm a pretty funny gal myself. Even though that may just be my opinion. I'm always cracking myself up. My son is obviously catching on. In case you didn't read the previous post here is his knock-knock joke.
Who's There?
Right there. (he raises his hand)


Alana said...

Your home is lovely!

I've always wanted to learn how to sew and just haven't gotten around to it. Other than an occasional button repair, I am useless as a seamstress. Your curtains look great! :)

Kakunaa said...

You certianly do have a talent! I love to decorate, but lack motivation. Your house is all the more charming for the love you have put into it. Thank you for sharing :) Happy Photo Friday!!!

Kristin said...

Can you come decorate my house and make it look like grown ups live here?

You have a gorgeous house.

Anonymous said...

Your house is absolutely gorgeous! You've got a great eye for deals.

sandra said...

You have an eye for making beautiful spaces... nice!

Belle said...

That looks great. I really like what I see.

Anonymous said...


Lisa said...

Oh I was so happy to see you had stopped by! Our computer crashed a while back and I'm still searching for all my bookmarked "faves". :)

Glad to hear everything is going so well and I KNOW you are relishing your summer with your little guy!!

Laurie said...

"Our house has all natural gum wood trim, 10 foot ceilings, a window seat and beautiful hardwood floors."

Drool! I can't wait to own a house with lots of character like that! I totally suck at decorating, lol. Since I am an artist you might think it would be easy but for some reason I just can't do it! That is why I've lived in my house for 7 years and have done hardly anything to it!

Happy ICLW!



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