Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Remarkable Life

Last night I watched the episode of Deadliest Catch where Captain Phil Harris passed away. Even though I am not a huge fan of reality TV shows this one is different. We have seen these men and their colleagues/comrades and family member toil over one of the most difficult and dangerous jobs. The Captains of the boats have worked very hard their entire lives dedicating their energies and passion to the sea and fishing. The dedication of these men and their families (wives and children who are back at home) is commendable. Sure they're doing something that they love and has been ingrained in every fiber of their being. But what an inspiration.

Watching the family and friends hear of Phil's death was very difficult. The pain and shock in their eyes and body language was devastating. Throughout the show there were clips of people telling how Capt. Phil had influenced their lives by watching the show in their living rooms. There were words of wisdom repeated, funny anecdotes, and observations of a sincere, no-nonsense kind of guy. I really appreciated the show for the first time realizing that documenting someones life for TV isn't all that bad. We can all learn from others when we have the ability to step into their lives and see how someone else lives and breathes.

I could not stay up to watch the hour long tribute to Captain Phil. DH had to record it for me. I'd had enough sadness for one night. But before I headed upstairs to read my book I heard the narrator say, stick around to learn about the remarkable life of Captain Phil Harris.

Remarkable life.

I hope that when my time comes, my life will be considered remarkable. Let's face it. Not everyone lives a remarkable life. Some people take for granted what they are given and never do anything to better themselves. But you do not have to become President to have a remarkable life. Living an impressionable life is intimate to each individual. We can be remarkable to all those who love us in our own way.

As I have gotten older my drive to do something special with my life has increased. Hearing about the lives of my grandparents and the impression they made on friends, family, and colleagues inspired me to live every day to the fullest. Be a good person to all and do the best I can in everything I attempt. As my parents get older I am amazed at what a wonderful life they have lived together. They started dating on and off at 16. My mother recently gave me her cheerleading pin and my fathers fraternity pins from college. I wear them on my lapel every once in awhile. Their memory box is full and continues to over flow.

Recently I have made some big changes in my life- lifestyle changes. For the first time I finally decided to grow up and start really taking care of myself. 32 years old is the time to take back my health and do whatever I can to live a long life. I understand that I do not have control over what may happen to my body. We all have the potential to get sick or get in an accident of some sort. All the more reason to use what I have and appreciate my health and all the little things that make up me. I have started eating better. When I say eating better I mean actually eating meals. I have never had a big appetite, but I am now forcing myself to have balance in my life when it comes to my diet. We now make a point of sitting at the dining room table as a family to eat dinner. I want Min man to understand that dinner is an important time of the day to reconnect with one another- not watch TV.

I have stopped drinking alcohol. I do enjoy a Cor.ona or glass of wine but, in my attempts to cleanse my body I am giving it up for awhile. I have been running! My knees are shot so I will never be a long distance runner, but when I go on my fast walks, I have been jogging for a half mile or even a mile and then walking again. My husband has also committed himself to getting healthier. It is so much easier to make a big change like this when you have someone striving for a better lifestyle as well.

Life is a continual challenge full of lessons. So many things I experienced in my younger years are coming to light and making sense. I have begun to see how my life has unfolded up until now, why I faced this challenge and that difficult time. What's hard about life is being acutely aware that tough times are inevitable. Being mentally prepared that my life is going to continue to throw me curve balls helps me feel more in control.

I still face challenges, old challenges. I am still trying to make sense of many things but at the same exact time I am planning to live a full life. I decided not to hide from things that come into my life that are difficult. If I do not deal with them now, I will either have regret or a continual problem knawing away at me. I need to be able to look back and say I did everything I could to be healthy and happy so that I can give my son the mom he deserves. A whole person who is there for him 100%. And ultimately there for myself 100%. You only get one chance.

We all have the opportunity to instill an impression- big or small. Taking a leap of faith to go for that dream of opening a store or saving your money to make that long-awaited trip are the blocks placed on the foundation of our existence. We should all have a bucket list. But maybe it would be better to check off the items all throughout our life instead when it seems like time is running out.

My biggest goals awaiting a check mark:

Remarkable life, indeed.


Catrisha T said...

I watched the Deadliest Catch episode and bawled. It was a great tribute. I have to agree that when I pass I would like people to look back and think I lived an incredible live. Like you though in order to acheive this I have to change alot of things. I'm hoping that I can and will be able to. Here's to change, hope, and acknowledgement after death (when this fate be falls us, which I hope it's anytime soon). Good Luck!

Carole said...

I am very impressed with your IVF grant program. I think that this program alone puts you well on the path to creating a Remarkable Life. I linked to your program from my blog because I think that IVF should be affordable for everyone. Thanks for doing this important work! From ICLW.

Miss Ruby said...

We LOVE the Deadliest Catch and Captn Phil was our fav, it was so heartaching to hear of his passing and I felt so sorry for his sons.


Kakunaa said...

This is an amazing post to stumble upon this ICLW (#78) and it echoes so many of my own thoughts. All I have wanted, other than my elusive child, and formuch longer, is to make an impression, to be a good person, and to leave my mark. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and for putting it all out there. Good luck on your new quest for a healthier lifestyle...I am inspired. Happy ICLW!

Hurdles of Life said...

I think having the courage to share your story, make a difference for other IF'ers and being honest and sometimes raw with your emotions... makes me think.. no.. know that you will have lived a REMARKABLE LIFE! xoxox

Browniris said...

I think it is great that you are making those changes in your life. I am trying to be a better runner, is such great exercise. Kudos to you!


ASP said...

Yaaaay!! for positive changes! I have also started running and it's amazing how much of a stress reliever it is and just makes you feel so much better. I love my wine too much to give it up right now but maybe in the future sometime. Your blog has always been inspiring to me and I think lots of people, myself included, would have wonderful things to say about you while you're

Ashlee G. said...

I've always wanted to watch that show, my mom watches it and she loves it.

Happy ICLW #50

Anonymous said...

Koodoos to you for starting a healthier life. It's something I started a couple years ago when my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. I knew it increased my chances so I had to do something to maybe keep the cancer at bay. I love shopping at whole foods and farmer markets. I even enjoy my workouts at the Y.

kristi said...

I blogged about this today.
Phil was not old, it was his smoking and drinking and wild lifestyle that caused his death but he had fun while he was here! His boys are precious!

Von said...

Some of us get chances we didn't ask for and don't want.We have to make the best of it and try to be who we were meant to be.

snhg1129 said...

My husband and I have watched Deadliest Catch since the beginning and watching the transformation and the lives of the skippers and there crew has been amazing. I am greatful that the Harris Family was able to share this with the world. I to hope and pray that I will be missed when I leave this earth.

I look forward to reading your blog as I just join ICLW so I will hopefully be catching up on everyones blog.

Tina said...

Hello! I'm here from ICLW, and I think it's so great that you started a non-profit. My dear friends are in the process of adopting from S. Korea now, so I'm sure they'll be interested to read about your journey as well.

I think your goals to live a healthier lifestyle are awesome...and I want to do so as well. Thanks for sharing this post!

tina #163,

Liddy said...

Yeah for running. I need to find my running mojo again. Best of luck.

An ICLW Visit from #107 (mfi, speedskating, strength)
liddy @ the unfair struggle

Christa said...

I've always strived to change my bad habits into good habits but its hard to maintain them. I get motivated for about a week and then I get tired of going to the gym or eating the same healthy food. I'd love to hear how your lifestyle change works out!


Lora said...

A great post, its never "too late" to start leading a healthier, happier life. Small changes lead to big changes. Who knew reality TV could be so inspiring? I don't watch the Deadliest Catch, but now I feel like I missed out on something pretty cool.

From ICLW #180

Grace said...

what you are doing *is* remarkable...we are in the midst of adopting from korea and we know first hand how draining the financial burden is. to know that you are supporting others in this very tangible way is amazing.

happy iclw! :)

Suzy, Not a Fertile Myrtle said...

I watch Deadliest Catch too and it was a heartwarming story. Definitely a reminder to have a "remarkable life."

Happy ICLW!

Michelle said...

Inspiring all around! Thank you.

With your grant program, your self-care commitment and your call to all of us to seize our opportunities, you clearly are already leading a remarkable life.

Wishing you the best ...

ICLW #144

Beth said...

I have been watching Deadliest Catch since the beginning, and I agree, the way they have handled Phil's death has been remarkable. All of us who have been fans of the show forever of course KNEW before this season aired that Phil had died, but still seeing it play out was almost shocking in a way. Like you know it's going to happen but you can't believe it's going to happen, all at the same time.

I am a new follower from MBC and would love for you to stop by my blog sometime - :)

Gabi said...

Happy ICLW!

There is something both so inspiring and diminishing about wondering how others will think of us after our own passing. Inspiring in that you want to do more, be remembered for more, or just be recalled in a better light. Diminishing because we also want our loved ones to move on and not dwell indefinitely.

I think you make a great point though, one that I found myself thinking when I first got engaged. When there is someone depending on you, you don't just need to take care of them, but also yourself.


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