Sunday, August 15, 2010

It's Too Yuck

This is a post where I talk about life with a three year old. There are some things I just have to share. As I write this I am stifling a laugh. This is how things are for me these days. Laughter through tears. Three is a tough age. Tougher than 2. Min man is just like most three year olds- stubborn, won't listen, has tantrums, and on. He is trying to figure out life and so many things are new every day. We get into a battle of wills. He waits for me to give in and I wait for him to listen to me and behave.

My new favorite part is when he says," I so mad, Mom!"

I keep telling him to use words and explain his emotions instead of hitting, pinching, kicking, and on.

The best part of 3 is that practically everything that comes out of his mouth is hilarious. I am constantly laughing out loud. If there was a space on my floor not covered with cars, I could probably roll on the floor laughing.

Min man has an infectious laugh and smile. It is priceless when he laughs at himself being funny. I don't help things because I find him so amusing that I cannot keep a straight face. Then he starts laughing really hard and there we sit giggling and laughing at each other laughing.

Min man started pre-school a few weeks ago. The second day I went to pick him up the teacher came right up to me and said," One of the kids bit your son. It didn't break the skin. We had the nurse look at it." I chuckled 'cause I was so relieved he wasn't the biter. And I was able to guess why the poor child felt the need to bite my son; Min man was fighting over a toy and saying 'it's MINE.'

School is great because his world is getting larger. He comes home singing songs like "Ritzy, ritzy spider." He talks about his friends. When I ask him what their names are, he says, " I know." (aka I don't know)

The other night I told him that he was getting a special treat- his dessert. He sat in his chair and I placed the ramekin of peach crisp in front of him. He kept going on an on about it was his special treat. "It's mine? Wow" After about five minutes of talking about it, he says," I all done. I can't like it. It's too yuck."

Here is a picture of a card made the other day. He said it was his own birthday card.

And, think it's time for new pj's?


Saige said...

That is so cute. I love it when they say things that make us laugh. Isn't it fun to watch them learn about the world around them?

Kate V said...

This was such a joy to read. I laughed and smiled myself through the whole thing. The surprise he got from finally getting something that was 'mine', and then having to give it up because it was 'too yuck' is just hilarious. The 3 year old mind is perfection. :)

Alex said...

Adorable! Love that the two of you laugh so much.

Glass Case of Emotion said...

So very cute!

Happy ICLW!
Jess (#74)


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