Saturday, August 21, 2010

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Welcome to Parenthood for Me. This blog is a branch of the non-profit I founded in 2008. PFM assists people who are trying to build their families through adoption or medical intervention.
We just awarded our first grants. Yay!

4 couples throughout the U.S. received $3,000 each to help with both adoption and assisted reproductive technology.

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Several people have asked me if they can make a donation on someones behalf. For example, in lieu of flowers when someone passes away, for a graduation or birthday.

Yes. You can email mail a personal check or go to our website and donate via Paypal.

Do not forget to tell us the name and address of the person and contact information so that we can write a letter acknowledging the contribution.

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Kristin said...

I get total warm fuzzies every time I read about all the good work PFM is doing.

And, I love the stories about Min Man in your last post. It's such a cool age.

#28 ICLW


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