Sunday, October 31, 2010

PFM's First Baby

Last week we received an update from one of the four families who received a grant in July.
Our Chairman, Chuck gave them a call to see how things were going, and the family was elated that their son was home from China. They said that our grant ($3000) allowed them to proceed with the adoption. They had been trying to get the last bit of money together to move forward with bringing their son home.

Here is a message from the family:

"I could say that our story is the same as hundred of other couples that wish to become a family. We also had infertility "issues" but did not let that stop us from becoming a family.
And thanks to organizations like yours, we did and could not be happier. The day we met our son was the most incredible day of our lives, just to be able to hold him, touch him, and even smell him was something that words can not describe. Till to this day when we look at him we just can't believe its true, and we are waiting to wake up from a dream. But we know It's all true and real and beautiful!
Our son is 19 months old and his name is *Len from Changzhou City in the Jaingsu Provence and he was born with a bilateral cleft lip and palate, he was sponsored by Half the Sky Foundation, Nanny program who repaired his lip and cared for him.

We are truly grateful to Parenthood for Me for helping us bring Len home. Now we can call ourselves a FAMILY! If you wish anymore information on our adoption please let us know we will share our whole story with you or anyone that will listen, in hopes to inspire all those to come that it is truly worth the wait.

Thank you again and again."

I was able to see several pictures of Len and it is heart warming to see him thriving in his new home.

Thank you to all who have helped make this possible. Bowling for Babies is November 14. And we are planning for our second annual Family-Building Dinner and Silent Auction to take place in early April 2011. We have huge goals for our signature fundraiser so that we can offer larger grants and perhaps more in 2011. I look forward to continued success and assisting families in their family-building dreams.

Thank you to Plaid House Designs for making our new button for the dinner.

*name changed for privacy.


Saige said...

That is so wonderful! I am sure it is moments like those that make everything you put into PFM that much more worth it.

Beautiful Mess said...

LOVE this so much! I am so proud of everything you and your organization is doing. Keep up the amazing work.

Kristin said...

What wonderful news! I am so thrilled for PFM, you, and the new parents.

rebecca said...

Congratulations, that is such fabulous news! Thank you for all you do for families in need & for making such an incredible difference in this are amazing!!!

Dandle Dreams said...

Congratulations. Thanks to all your hard work, another family was able to be united. You should be very proud of this.

Another Dreamer said...

So awesome :D

DaisyGal said...

that is fantastic news...WOW...thrilled for PFM and the new parents,,,this made my day!

DP said...

Hi! Following your blog!

Pixie said...

Congratulations to Len, his new family, and PFM for the amazing work that helped them finally be united!


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