Monday, September 5, 2011

Fake Pregnancy and Breast Cancer Awareness

The initiative on Facebook this year to raise awareness for Breast Cancer Awareness Month is not only puzzling but disturbing on many levels.

Last year women were supposed to put a color in their status and keep men guessing what it meant. The color signified the color of the bra they were wearing that day. This makes sense to me. Breast Cancer Awareness- bra color.

There is no need to write a new post on this subject when two wonderful writers explain this year's status meme and it's effect on the infertility community and cancer survivors.

"I'm Zero Weeks and Craving a Baby" from Hannah Wept, Sarah Laughed

"Pretending You're Pregnant Makes People Truly Understand Breast Cancer" from Stirrup-Queens.


Lollipop Goldstein said...

Thank you. It's just mind-boggling how this meme actually brings awareness. I challenge people to tell me 3 things they learned about breast cancer from this.

Kristin said...

Mo over at Mommy Odyssey and Elphie over at Yolk wrote some great posts about it too.

Jess said...

Thank you for bringing attention to how awful this "breast cancer awareness" meme can be. My status was supposed to be "I'm six weeks and craving tomatoes." Cruel, since at six and a half weeks just days before I had my first (ectopic) pregnancy surgically removed along with my tube. The person who sent it to me didn't do it to be mean, but really, how does faking pregnancy help breast cancer?


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