Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Limerick Chick Contest 2012

So, I won two years in a row and lost my title last year. Here I am trying again.
Thanks to Lori and Write Mind Open Heart my spring gets sprung by writing silly rhymes.

My 2009 and 2010 winning entries. My parents are proud.

I’m an Irish gal who drinks whisky
Sometimes I go home and get frisky.
When the good deed is done.
I’m Wishing 4 One.
Or at least eat some spam and some latke.


I once was scared of the gyno
Now I’ll drop my pants for a rhino
When bad times are worse
There’s blogs like the mrsch
Or instead I can just be a whino


Our eggs and sperm lack esteem

Under a microscope they do not gleam

Ain't the birds and the bees

Nor doing the ol' dirty deed

Mrs. Spit says things aren't what they seem.

{small bow and curtsy}


Kristin said...

Fabulous job once again! You have a real talent for this.

Lavender Luz said...

I'm so glad you're in the running! You have such a hidden talent at this. Dare I say you gleam?


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