Monday, July 22, 2013

Something Will Work Out

Seven long years ago our last attempt at IVF failed. We knew our chances of pregnancy were all but gone. Life seemed dismal. My grandmother looked at me with her teary green eyes and told me with conviction that something would work out. That is all she said. I hoped that her long life helped her to believe that. She had seen and done many things in her 80+ years.

Roughly a year later we were matched with Min. A picture of a chubby five month old was handed to us and we immediately said, yes, he is ours. His arrival home was marked with jubilee.

A few years pass and Wee came into our lives. We learned of his existence on February 14, 2011. What an exciting time for our family. A baby brother was coming home.

Six months after Wee came to us I learned that I was pregnant. Words cannot describe what that felt like. My heart tightens up remembering the moment I saw the positive pregnancy test. A flood of tears and emotion leaving my body. A tension released after nine years of waiting.

My Nana was not in good health this time last year. We were afraid she would soon pass away. A couple of days after learning the news I felt a sense of urgency to tell her. My parents didn't even know because they were out of town and I didn't want to tell them over the phone. My uncle was staying with my Nana to help her and said she did not want guests. But I insisted on seeing her claiming she needed to hear what I had to tell her. I found her laying on her side in bed, her back to me. I went to her side as she slept and whispered, Nana? Her eyes fluttered open and I said, Nana, I'm pregnant.

We both began to cry and we embraced. It never felt so good to tell someone something. I knew it would give her great joy to learn of my pregnancy as she had seen me struggle so much over the past several years. I was so happy she was here to be a part of it, even if it was for a short time.

As my pregnancy progressed Nana's health stabilized. She is a tough lady and I just knew she would make it to meet my baby.

Five days after she was born, we brought baby S to Nana's house and they were able to meet. It was a day I will never forget.

When I felt sad and lost I thought of what Nana told me. Something will work out. And she was right.

Everything worked out.

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Lori Lavender Luz said...

I'm so glad there is overlap between the alpha and omega.

Lovely pic. And I love the description for how it felt to tell Nana about your pregnancy.


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